Dave Blake


Dave Blake ❦ Photographer

It was in the midst of a hazy career as a computer programmer, that Dave decided to leave the constraints of corporate world in 2015, and pursue his true passion for photographing people and fashion.

To be honest, coming from a bloodline of talented artists, I've never felt more free, creating images and working with people that love to create art.

Dave's passion is shooting fashion and fine art portraits in natural light, but he is well versed in variety of styles and aesthetics across multiple mediums to best cater for a broad range of clients.

With a background in ad agency executive-level production, he understands the impact that strong imagery can have for any commercial or personal brand.  Dave also understands how to leverage technology to obtain great results for his clients, from pre and post-production, to shooting for retouching and print.

His shooting style is very much aligned with his own positive,  boho, organic, yoga and fitness oriented lifestyle, and I can be described as bright, sharp and emotionally connective

I'm naturally drawn to shooting for the 'live the lifestyle' commercial swim, boho, and fitness brands, and known for having a calm, playful, easy-going nature, which allow me to slow down and notice the finer details, as well as connect with the people that I work with.


Brisbane-based, and travels Sydney, Gold Coast, Bali and worldwide.

Specialising in:
Swim, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Portraits, Model development, Professional mentoring.

Reach out if you think we might be a match to work together.