Frequently Asked Questions

I only want to shoot for 2 hours, do I need to pay for half a day?  A half day rate is the commercial minimum and includes creative consult on vision and mood, arriving on location, setting up, assessing the location, aligning the talent and creatives, as well as access to professional primary and backup tools of the trade, laptops, software, as well as required liability insurances.

What is the minimum investment required for me to walk away with any commercial images? To manage your expectations, if you shoot in Queensland for half a day at a location where where the creatives and talent do not need to travel, you will need to budget for at least $3000 + GST [using a creative team @ $1750 + agency talent @ $800 + 15% talent and creative agency fees where applicable].  This is simply a no-fills guide based on my experience working in the industry.

What about somewhere a little more exotic like an island shot over two days?  As a guide, $20,000 would probably get you access to top tier talent, and a top-tier creative team, shooting against white sand and blue water for two days.