Dave Blake


Dave Blake

Fashion, Portrait & Commercial Photographer, Content Creator (Stills & Video).

Sydney, Australia




Born in Far North Queensland, Australia, Dave Blake is a Sydney-based fashion and beauty photographer. Growing up in the remote northern tropics of Queensland, where shoes were optional, and TVs only offered one channel for entertainment, Dave discovered his love for photography at an early age. Following a top 1% result at high school, he ended up studying IT and Law at University, and pursing a hazy-decade-long career as a computer programmer before deciding to resign from a less-than-perfect fit in the corporate world, to pursue his true passion for photographing people and fashion.

Dave originally comes from bloodline of talented artists, and his work is influenced by his love of travel and inspiring others through epic and immersive images. He best known for shooting on location in natural light (or emulating it), and his work is recognised for the use of warmth, movement, and sensuality of the feminine form.

Dave’s desire to travel and connect with people is very much aligned with his positive-mindset, spiritual, organic, yoga and health oriented lifestyle, and has him frequently travelling the globe to work with his clients - with a claim to fame, that he once had a pair of thongs (flip-flops) that had been on every continent on the planet.

His major clients include TagHeuer, Adidas and Schiesser. Dave also regularly tests models and talent for IMG, Wilhelmina, Chic, Scoop, and Viviens.

What clients are saying.

Simply put, Dave is a fantastic operator. His proven experience coupled with a strong commercial understanding positions him so well to deliver imagery and campaigns to an exceptional standard. He is great to work with, asks the right questions and goes above and beyond. Dave is highly adaptable and can deliver on such a wide range of briefs and projects – he just gets it. I would highly recommend Dave, and his work.
— Lauren Hunt, PR for Adidas Australia

Sydney (Australia) based. On location with clients in Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Gold Coast and International.

Dedicated to:

  • Location campaigns and content for fashion, swim, beauty and lifestyle.
  • Portraits and model development.
  • Professional mentoring.