Audrey Bradford - Byron Bay

Audrey Bradford with Dave Blake Photographer (
Audrey Bradford with Dave Blake Photographer (

Audrey Bradford - Byron Bay

from 150.00
  • professionally retouched uncensored artwork
  • print and frame options described below
  • X" inches indicates the size of the longest edge for 16:10 aspect
  • unframed prints are best for customers outside of Australia
  • if you would like to have Audrey personally sign your print please contact her directly via Instagram @dreysdiary for signing options
  • Customers outside of Australia save an additional 10% on checkout.
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Framing options

Shadow Box Frame

Shadow boxes are my preferred style of presenting images in frames. They best suit larger works as the frame is thick and has a nice simple presence on the wall, with a gap between the photograph and the glass or perspex front. The Raw frame is a responsibly sourced untreated timber, and suits most domestic applications. All frames are signed by me with a very short image title.



Simple Frame

Simple frames suit smaller sized artworks, and have the photographic print, window matte (white space around the image) and glass pushed up to the front of the frame with no gap like a Shadow Box frame. Simple frames come in both raw, black and white wood. Great for presents or smaller walls in your house. All frames are signed with a very short image title.

Junior Frame

This is the smallest and thinnest frame that I offer. Light enough to carrying on a plane. It has a white matte (space between the photograph and the frame, signed).  The image is pushed to the front of the frame glass. It's small, so only suitable on a very small wall.

Acrylic Face Mount

Acrylic face mounts have become popular over the past 10 years for presenting large frameless artworks in contemporary spaces.  The combination of printing on metal paper and finished on acrylic, make the image look multidimensional and make both colours and black and white images pop . Acrylic Face Mounts suit modern houses and larger sizes, and are simple to maintain with a simple wipe down. Acrylics look amazing mounted on a crispy clean white wall. 

Acrylic Desk Block

Acrylic desk blocks sit on your desk (or shelf) as they are too thick and small to hang on a wall. Great for an office desk as you don't need to drill holes in a walls to hang.

Unframed prints (Best for customers outside of Australia)

Unframed prints are best for customers based outside of Australia. It's the most cost effective way to send artworks anywhere in the world. I use lustre paper finished with a subtle laminate that give the prints better light characteristics (less reflections), durability, brilliant colours and sharpness. Unframed Prints come in two ways - with or without white border. Definitely get the white border as it gives you more flexibility when framing.