Swimwear Photography Workshop

Photo by Dave Blake Photographer - daveblake.com.au
Photo by Dave Blake Photographer - daveblake.com.au

Swimwear Photography Workshop

from 295.00
  • Limited to 6 attendees,
  • Shoot with a professional agency model and commercial quality creative team (hair makeup artist & stylist).
  • Creative vision, location and lighting theory, modifiers & camera setup,
  • Hands on shooting for 2 hours
  • Making selects & retouching (my style)
  • BBQ (dinner and/or breakfast depending upon session)
  • Option to stay overnight with the team*
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Camera requirements:

  1. DSLR camera with full manual control, and
  2. one autofocus lens in the 50mm+ to 200mm range that can shoot F4.0 [For this kind of work I personally use a 70-200mm 2.8 zoom and sometimes an 85mm prime. Some suggestions for starting out would be: 50mm 1.8, 50-150 2.8, 70-200 4.0, 85mm 1.8].

Location notes:

Shooting outdoors is heavily dependent on the weather, and there is always a chance that there is no sunset, or sun for that matter.  As the workshop approaches I will monitor the weather and confirm details.  In a perfect scenario, we will be shooting on a beautiful sunny day.  In the worst case scenario we will be shooting from under cover and end up with moodier images - either way, that's part of the photography challenge - producing amazing images in any situation.  There will be no refunds due to imperfect weather, but under extreme circumstances we may have to move the workshop to another day - I hope you understand. Click here for full terms & conditions.

Overnight accommodation:

In a perfect scenario, we will be staying together in a beach house. The level of interest will dictate where we stay, and accommodation arrangements.  If you think of this as an opportunity to hang out with me, my team and like-minded people, this might be a good option for you.  I personally have traveled all over the world and love meeting new people.  If you're familiar with the Intrepid travel company style of shared accommodation, you might be sharing with someone of the same gender.  If you choose to stay, I will need a copy of your passport, drivers licence and credit card.  Feel free to have a cheeky beer or wine with dinner, but no drugs or disrupting other guests with unruly behavior.