You know your product, we know how to make it stand out in today's socially driven market.

Promoting a new product and "creating noise" in today’s social landscape can be expensive, particularly when you have to consider the combined cost of photographers, videographers, stylists, make-up artists, social media influencers, models and licensing. Before you know it, your campaign budget can blow out of proportion and creating regular content becomes an expensive and arduous process.

This is where we come in. 

Normally, when you engage an influencer, you hand over your cash and product to a model with a large amount of followers and hope for the best. When you engage us, we co-ordinate the styling, make-up, location, commercial costs and creative direction (based on your brand’s aesthetic) and provide you with your choice of high-res images, video content and exposure on our platforms (combined targeted reaches of hundreds of thousands of targeted consumers) at an affordable price.

Creating engaging, on-brand organic social content doesn't have to be hard.

Creating engaging, on-brand organic social content doesn't have to be hard.


Send us an email with what kind of social influencer marketing campaign you would like, and your budget. If you don't know, that's okay too. One of our creative team will be in touch to finalise your brief and determine an effective strategy and budget for your brand.


Send us your product, or send us to experience your business.

Once we have chatted and agreed on an approach connect us with your product or service.


Watch us produce your social content for you.

We take care of everything: call sheets, location, styling, hair & makeup, shooting, professional equipment & insurance.


Select from the captured proofs & video.

After each shoot, we will supply a dropbox of proof images (and video) that you and view from the shoot with to make your selections.

5. BUY

Only buy what you love*

From $388 choose the amount of content that you want, and influencer placement options that fit in with your marketing strategy and current budget.
* For influencer rates, click on the individual influencers below.

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