Egith van Dinther

Miami Swim Week Photography Packages ‘19

Photography packages dedicated to swimwear brands attending Miami Swim Week 2019, or brands that want to shoot content with the models attending. All prices AUD$ + 10% GST (effective 1 February 2019). Don’t hesitate to reach out or request a custom estimate.

Pictured: Egith van Dinther (LA Models), Nautilus Cabana Club Miami Beach, Florida, USA


At a glance.

  • Premium content production for your swimwear brand during Miami Swim Week,

  • Work with professional agency models that are attending Miami Swim Week,

  • Mentoring about the week (ie. trade shows, runway shows, and hotel locations),

  • Recommendations on the best way to maximise your investment,

  • You send the product and we produce the content.

  • Prices start from AUD$500 + 10% GST + model fee ($USD, varies).

The swimwear brands’ perfect content storm.


When you consider ALL OF THE BEST SWIMWEAR MODELS IN THE WORLD ARE HERE for one week only, and all within a 2Km / 1.2 mile radius, and a set in a location that is overflowing with glamorous hotels, poolside settings, palm trees, and Cuban inspired architecture - it’s kind of a no-brainer to shoot here. If you're smart you could shoot a years worth of premium social and brand PR content in a single day, with as many great international models that you would probably never get to see in real life.

I know that it’s hard work preparing for a tradeshow. Most brands are purely focussed on showing and selling, but forget to take advantage of the time and location visual brand opportunities that Miami Swim Week has to offer.

After an initial phone call we can determine how much you would like to be involved in the photoshoot process.

What will it cost?

The following are photographer + core team price guides (in Australian Dollars, AUD) with the standard inclusions required to deliver a great result. Models will range from USD$100-$250ph++ depending upon the talent.

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Photographer & Team ($AUD + 10% GST) $500 $1000 $3250
Model (Arrange your own, or we can help) $ Model (2hr) $ Model (3hr) $ Model (3hr) $ Model (5hr)
Travel Costs (Flights, Accomodation, Per Diem) Included
Variable Expenses (eg. Special Locations, Special Permits) ✚ $0-Ask ✚ $0-Ask ✚ $0-Ask ✚ $0-Ask
Total Content Delivered
Products / Looks / Outfits 1 Up to 3 Up to 8
Pictures 8 21 30
Total Content Delivered (In Detail)
Photographer Adjusted Pictures 5 10
High End Retouched (Colour, Skin & Garment) 1 1 10
Pictures For Your Own Editing 7 15 10
Social Video (20s Edit)
Always Included
Brand Mentoring Miami Swim Week
Photographer & Call to Chat Creative
Industry Hair-Makeup Artist
Photography Equipment (incl. scrims)
Talent Guidance (+ Model Agency Introduction)
Unlimited Social Media, PR, Editorial Use
Some Images For Your Own Editing
See proofs (good images) within 48 hours
2 Week Turnaround From Shoot
Website & Small Print Use (6 Months) $ $
Access to High End Photo Retoucher $ $
Extended Team Options
Producer $Ask $Ask $Ask $Ask
Wardrobe Stylist $Ask $Ask $Ask $Ask
Digital Tech $Ask $Ask $Ask $Ask
Catering $Ask $Ask $Ask $Ask
More Content
More High End Retouching (/ image) $80 $60 $60 $50
More Photographer Adjusted Images (/ image) $20 $10 $10 $10
More Images for your own editing (/ image) $10 $10 $10 $10
More Video (per 20s edit) $250 $250 $250 $250
Additional Products / Looks $400 $250 $250 $250
More Licensing & Production
Website & Small Print Use (6 months) $250 $250 $250
Advertising Use (eg. Major Websites & Print) $Ask $Ask $Ask$Ask

Recent Work

What gap does this service fill?

This offering is for swimwear brands that just want the best.

Premium content, using professional models, and a team that knows how to shoot both editorially and commercially, showcasing your designs and mood, with access to high end retouching that you would see in the magazines and shop-front windows.

In summary, we take the pressure of producing on-brand content for you at Miami Swim Week.

If you’d prefer to run your own campaign, and slot me into your team, I’d love that - let’s connect outside of a content focussed discussion.

What does it mean when you say ‘Arrange your Own Model or we can help’?

If there is a model (or influencer) that you already love, feel free to negotiate with them directly. Just ensure that they are reliable, and get in touch with me prior to the shoot.

I no longer package models into my offerings because client tastes in models (and prices) will vary - it’s just too difficult for me to predict.

Note that I always have my clients pay the Model / the Model’s Agency directly. This is because with Agency models you will need to specify where you intend to use the model’s images, and for how long.

If you don’t know any models, don’t worry. I can personally connect you with the bookers at the Model Agencies, and they can help you cast for the right look - it’s what they do. By the way, I don’t get a commission for the referrals, I just want my clients to work with the best talent for their budget. I can also recommend models that you should consider.

If you would prefer me to manage the model finding process, I charge a flat fee of AUD$250 to cast, and report back with my recommendations - which is how I would do it, personally.

Just so you know, Models will range from USD$100-$250ph++ for depending upon the talent.

What kinds of images can I expect?

If you select the right talent (eg. Agency mainboard), you'll get premium content just like you see on my website.

Egith van Dinther (LA Models) Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Egith van Dinther (LA Models) Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Photographer Adjusted vs. High End Retouching.

The images that are delivered to you straight from the camera should 'wow' you. The truth is, there are people in my team, that can make your images glow even more.  It's really up to you based on your budget, and how good you are at editing your own images.

Photographer Adjusted.

Photographer Adjusted.

High End Retouch - (graded) polished and poppy.

High End Retouch - (graded) polished and poppy.

What clients are saying.

Simply put, Dave is a fantastic operator. His proven experience coupled with a strong commercial understanding positions him so well to deliver imagery and campaigns to an exceptional standard. He is great to work with, asks the right questions and goes above and beyond. Dave is highly adaptable and can deliver on such a wide range of briefs and projects – he just gets it. I would highly recommend Dave, and his work.
— Lauren Hunt, PR for Adidas Australia

Terms & Conditions

  1. If the client won’t be in attendance during the shoot, all product is assumed gifted unless otherwise agreed. If the client wants the product returned, paid returned postage must be included with the product.  Client is responsible for postage & postage insurance.

  2. Photographer will use his best judgment to deliver on-brand content for your brand based on our initial phone call.

  3. All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) + 10% GST.  A 50% deposit is required.  Fees are payable online or over the phone via VISA, MASTERCARD or direct bank transfer.  Please note that your product will not be photographed unless the base fee has been paid in full.

  4. Once the deposit has been received (and with some discussion), you will receive an allocated date and time for your shoot, which will allow you to confirm your model(s). You can delegate model time and coordination to me, for an additional production fee of AUD$150. Your allocated date/time can be moved one time given 48 hours notice, and provided there is sufficient room in the calendar, and your model options are still available. Shoots moved with less than 48 hours to shoot time, or a second time, will require another deposit. The deposit policy exists because there are a lot of moving parts to organise a photoshoot, and there is significant impact on an entire team when date/time changes are made.

  5. All deposits received are not refundable, even due to bad weather.

  6. In the event of adverse weather in or around your allotted photoshoot time, you will receive a call / communication to ask how you would like to proceed. Please understand that in some cases, the weather might be so bad that your product may not be able to be photographed during Miami Swim Week at all. You can opt, at no additional charge, to have your swimwear photographed in Byron Bay, Sydney or Gold Coast, on my return to Australia.

  7. Note that while in Miami, I can only accept work from ‘outside of U.S.’ clients (ie. I can receive no income from a U.S. source). U.S. based clients that would like to work with me, can do so outside of these times in Australia, or other outside of U.S. locations.

  8. Prices and deliverables effective 1 February 2019, and subject to change unless/until 50% deposit has been received.

  9. Under these packaged rates (you) the client are licensed to use the images as outlined in your chosen package (ie. unlimited social, editorial and PR use / and optional web, print and advertising use). Copyright will always remain with the photographer, including the right to syndicate to third parties, unless agreed otherwise.

Reach out if you'd like to know more.

Prefer to shoot in Australia? for details.

Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, Australia