surfer girl - davina drinan

Another super fun photoshoot with the amazing Davina Drinan.  No hair and makeup in this shoot.  Yes, this is how she wakes up every day.  Enjoy!

Davina grew up surfing and playing guitar from a young age.  Inspired by artists such as Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell and old crooners like Billie Holliday, she brings a jazzy folk charm that warms listener’s hearts.  Her family’s old guitar served her well whilst in her school years, but she went on to study business and massage therapy as she was drawn to help others heal their bodies.  Davina then went on a rollercoaster journey of bringing her incredible daughter into the world and immersed herself as a mother and nurturer of this little being.  During this time, Davina experienced fatigue and unfortunately this joyful time was marred with lack of vitality.  With eye opening realisations came a persistence to create her life as she desired.  The silver lining has been evident in the inspiration that comes with doing what she loves and following her dreams despite challenges.  During this time, Davina trained as a competitive surfer and gleaned from World Champions like Cheyne Horan and Trevor Hendy.  She explored big wave tow-in surfing, sharing waves with Cheyne, Trevor and Kelly Slater.  Stand up paddling was also a passion that Davina enjoyed and competed at the national level.  Nowadays, Davina’s love affair with the ocean is evident as she glides by on her 1970’s twin fin.   Falling in love with surfing all over again in a way she never expected, her retro board gives her a new avenue to experience the ocean and builds her admiration of her surfing ancestors.  With a stoked smile likened to her first few waves, Davina loves every minute she is wrapped in the ocean’s loving arms.

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I have learned that the clearer I am on what I want, the better I feel. When I haven’t felt clear, I’ve created an intention to feel clear, then start making decisions based on the things that I do know.
— Davina Drinan

Gear used: Nikon D800 with Nikon 70-200 VR II @ f3.2-4.0

Author: Dave Blake