For the purpose of clarification; ‘Course’, ‘Workshop’, ‘Tuition’ or ‘Event’ will be referred to as an ‘experience’ throughout these terms and conditions.

Payment and Confirmation of booking

Full payment of fees must be received at the time of booking to confirm your place on your chosen experience date. Your place is not confirmed until your fee has been received in full. Once we have received payment, you will emailed with a confirmation letter with all of the experience details.

Cancellation, Credits and Refund Policy

Should your experience date be cancelled by by me at any time, or need to be re-scheduled due to unsuitable weather, failure to reach minimum numbers, or any event beyond my control, you will be provided the option to re-book into another future scheduled date for the same experience. Only in the event no alternative dates are available for you to select from will you be offered a credit, valid for 1 year, for any of our experiences to the value of the original experience or a full refund will be provided as final resolution should you request. Should you need to cancel an experience with us due to unforeseen circumstances, this must be done by sending me an email as soon as possible. In this case, the following cancellation fees apply: * No refunds if you cancel 7 days, or less, before your experience commencement date. * 50% of fee will be forfeited if cancellation is made between 8 to 14 days, in advance of the experience commencement date. * Refunds are offered should we be provided with written notice of cancellation with 14 days notice, or more, prior to experience commencement date.

Deferrals and Exchanges

Where 14 days notice, or more, prior to the commencement date of your experience is given in writing requesting a deferral, you are welcome to defer to a future date for that experience within a 6 month period from the date of notification. Should you provide notice of 14 days, or more, we will be happy to exchange your experience to another of equal value. Should the experience not be of equal value, any balance of the full fee for the new experience is payable. A credit for the difference will be given if the new experience is of lesser value.

Gift Vouchers – Conditions of Use

Fixed dollar amount Gift Vouchers can be used towards any experience. Workshop specific Gift Vouchers can only be used towards that experience. Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase. Dollar value Gift Vouchers may be used as part or full payment for any experience. If the experience fee is more than the amount specified on the voucher, any outstanding fee is payable by the voucher holder to achieve the full balance of the experience being booked. Should a Gift Voucher be used for an experience that is less than the value of the Gift Voucher, the recipient will retain the balance to use for a future experience. No cash refund will be offered. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable

Workshop Images

Images provided to me, taken by you, may and can be used for promotional purposes of my workshops. Should you not wish to have your images showcased or used for these purposes, please advise me in writing by email prior to the commencement date of your experience.  Please feel free to use your created images from the day in your portfolio or on your social media, as long you give appropriate credit for them being taken at a Dave Blake event. You may not use any of these images in a photographic competition. You are not to use them commercially (to make money from them). To do so, you would need to have the models written consent, which is not provided for the workshop, as these are training settings and not commercial shoots. I may also take behind the scenes photos and video throughout your experience for marketing purposes. Should you decide that you would not like to appear in these, please let us know in writing prior to commencement to the experience.

Limit of Liability

Dave Blake and contractors accept no liability for death, illness, accident or injury or loss or damage to photo equipment or personal belongings during the course of any experience, or in transit to and from. We reserve the right to change our plans due to any conditions we deem necessary to do so, or to cancel any aspect of the experience due to exceptional or unexpected circumstances. Our liability shall be limited to the total value of the experience only. We are not liable for any indirect or consequential loss. By booking and paying for any experience offered by us, participants acknowledge that they are aware of the risks of personal injury and deem themselves physically able of safely taking part in the experience. Further they release all Directors, employees and contractors from all liability for death, injury, illness, accident or loss of personal property or expenses associated with participation in the experience. I will not be held liable for any loss or additional expenses that you may incur, that are not included in the experience provided by us, even in the event of a cancellation, changes or delay by us.

Your Agreement to this Contract

By booking an experience or purchasing a gift voucher with me, and subsequently making payment of the fee, you agree to accept all of the above terms and conditions. This includes all persons who pertain to making this booking, including those that do so on the behalf of others.